Bark Today EP




released November 4, 1986

McGruff The Crime Dog - vocals
Danger - guitar
Other Andy - guitar
Andy - drums
Hardline Steve - bass

Engineered by Maas



all rights reserved


X CRIMEDOG X Boston, Massachusetts

XCRIMEDOGX was a straight edge hardcore band from Boston, MA fronted by noted activist and vocalist McGruff The Crime Dog, that released a series of influential hardcore records with both a positive message and brutal riffs.

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Track Name: I'm Glad I'm Me
i like being me (me and me!)
and i know that you agree (agree!)
it is so very true (true)
you're the best at being you (really you! really you!)
yeah! yeah!
i like every day (every day!)
i can work and i can play (i play!)
every day when its done (done!)
i look back on all the fun! (lots of fun!)
yes im!

glad im me
yes im glad im me
because my life is really great
im gonna celebrate
glad im me
yes im glad im me
because my life is really great
im gonna celebrate

drugs are not for me (you know you've got a lot going for yourself now)
im so glad im free (everythings fine, everythings super duper)
drugs are not for me (you want to keep your body strong, your brain sharp)
im so glad im free (feeling good, like i should!)
Track Name: Make Your Body Last
when some kids (other kids)
are taking drugs and want you to play (today)
if you care (really care)
then you you'll say (no way)
its your body, you've got to make it last
its your body, treat it right

just think in all the world theres only one you
and anything you ever do will be done in your body
since bodies are made to last a good long time
don't hurt yours by putting drugs in it, just say no
just say no
dont sniff glue
don't steal from your grandma
don't eat lots of sugary candy
have respect for yourself

bark bark bark
take a bite out of crime
bark bark bark
do your homework
bark bark bark
listen to your parents
bark bark bark
obey the rules